The love-henna designed hearts of God are aligned towards HIM despite the lures of this deceptive world. Jaihoon’s poem about such ‘indifferent’ souls.

Why do you keep losing things-
O the Dove blessed with noble wings?

What keeps your mind so occupied-
Your own senses have you defied?

So alien are the directions
Whereto you walk
How many doors
Will you wrongly knock?

O friend, isn’t this world
Of any merit-
Everything here
You indifferently forget?

Tell me,
O Prized Dream!

So ‘selfishly’ dissolved are you
In ‘My Him’-
Anything worldly
Consider you dim

To Him does heart’s compass turn-
In devil’s fire do when all burn

Share with me
O Him-colored Rose!

With which henna
Have you designed
A heart towards Him
Always aligned?

Your heart’s fort is built
So sweetly secure
With the merciful bricks
Of the Almighty’s Fear

Reveal to me,
O benevolent Friend!

Teach me something of your skill
Thereafter me you may readily kill

Alas! My foolish self!

Lord knows where my words lead
Those who this tale eagerly read

I shall better put the lid
Over the cup of my silly heart
Else I shall again be tried
For inciting the poetic riot!

May 17 2003.