Not always Destiny brings ashore illustrious souls who connect with Divine. One seeker’s journey may benefit others too– hopes Jaihoon in this poem

Ever since when, O Jaihoon
Did this death-in-life happen?

Your touching words had others cry
Alas! Now for a tear you vainly try

All through the day, like a dog-
You run to earn bread
And then at the night
Fall asleep half-dead!

Your eyes are dried
The fire in you has died
You are like a rotten crop-
Neither harvest nor yield!

The stars are eagerly watching-
For the face in prostrating

Those midnight-told beads
Love-sown were those seeds

You fancied to erect a Him-Loving fort
For the lovers to indulge in Divine Sport

Indulged in the worldly game
On your leisure is the blame

Have you paid any heed-
To the teachings of Creed
A victim are you of the Devil’s greed
For, against the weak is his sin-plead

What would you do in this dark moment
What excuse will you before Him present?

You are mindless to His numerous favors
Ran which at your doorstep as rivers

Where is the fun
To ask blessings more
When you remember not
The manna granted before

Never before were you so ungrateful
For a single Dream you’d cry night-full

Your envious state:
A mystery to your self
A little book were you
On His Love-full shelf

The Green Dome
Engaged most of your time
In word and deed,
Your soul imitated its rhyme

Ah! Lord knows the numerous angels
Around you freely surround
In those days when
Meem’s love had your caravan mount

Your precious Dream Treasure
Is now fatefully lost
My Merciful Him: such a pearl
Resides no longer at your coast

Not always Destiny brings ashore
Such a Him-Fearing Pearl
Not always Fortune keeps sailing
To your heart’s mole

Alas! This hypocrite- a restless bee
In search is he for a Him-arousing honey

Pray my quest benefit His Lovers
Those hearts with His Fear shivers

June 7 2003.