We invoke Allah with every breath we take and every branch we shake hoping that HE is our only Merciful refuge when others see us with rage— writes Jaihoon

O My Allah!

All these years I trusted You,
And still do!

I know my dream
Shall surely come true
Much pain though-
I shall pass through

I trusted YOU-
With every bead I read
With every tear I shed
With every breath I took
With every branch I shook

I trusted YOU
When looked I at the skies
When cried I in prayer
When called I Your Handsome Names
When praised I Your Magnificence

Although I am not worth of any faith
Allah! I hold YOU still dearest than any

I trusted YOU
With all my trust.

A crazy heart have YOU given me:
Unable to separate friend from enemy

The Rose’s fallen on the ground,
Everywhere is silence as in a grave

The rain is no more,
Nor any joy in the garden

The land is barren
The sky is dry
Ah! Why is the Nightingale
Not yet convinced-

The Spring is over,

You are my only Merciful refuge, when-
Everyone else has seen me with rage!

They see only my worldly fault-
Not the beauty of my spiritual heart

Rabb! Either change my Destiny or my self!

July 18, 2003.