The thrill and joy of seeking from the Divine is perhaps more exhilarating than discovering the Sought— Mujeeb Jaihoon explains why in this poem.

O Allah! May I reveal
A hidden truth
Make it not a cause
For YOUR wrath

I disclose it
For others’ gain
May it benefit
Even by a grain

Had I known for sure
YOU’d grant me such treasure
Asked YOU had I for more
As a beggar knocking at YOUR door

Ya Rabb! I asked too less,
YOU gave me too much

There is a fun in asking too
Thirst is as tasty as water too

This slave has much to say
Light shines from his clay

O the slaves
Who cry to Him at night-
May this sinner reveal
To you a wise secret?

The more Him you call
The better will be His reply

But dictate Him not
What to give
The choice of best rather
For Him you leave

What has the bee seen
besides the hive?
Where but in the well
Has the frog so far dived?

Be not fooled
By your narrow senses
Trust Him who made
The earth and heavens

Take it from me,
O His Slaves
Take it from me,
None like Him gives!

Be not disheartened
At your state
Keep asking Him
Without any retreat

He is in love
With those who beg
He responds in ways
They never think

O reader.
Remember my lines
When to Him
Raise your hands

There is a fun in asking too
Thirst is as tasty as water too

March 13 2004