What is it with the world? Why are they blind to the innocent children massacred on the streets of Palestine? When will the neighbors in the region understand that what the Palestine people need is NOT millions in ‘developmental’ funds but a visionary leadership and the necessary tools for a ‘civilized one-on -one combat’. How can the struggle with stones be equated with tanks and missiles?

Aren’t Palestinians humans? Don’t they deserve a moment of peace like rest of humanity?

The Palestinians have tried different approaches so far : initially it was terrorism like hijackings and now the hopeless peace process that has been going on for a decade? For how long will they continue to pin their hopes on International Policeman?

The Holy Prophet said: A believer is not bitten twice….

Haven’t the people of Middle East learnt a lesson from the merciless betrayal by the west during the last two world wars? Did they not see how they sliced up among themselves the Grand Ottoman empire that ended the (namesake though) Khilafat in the world of Islam?

Palestine has always remained a question with no answers. What type of approach is left now? Diplomatic or military? Aggressive or defensive? or the same old ‘land for peace?”

The Palestinian people and leadership should realize that its freedom is not just a issue of freedom of an Arab nation! Palestine is not just an Arab issue!

It is a severe wound left unhealed in the heart of every Muslim. How can a believer rest when he realizes that the Masjidul Aqsa, where the Beloved Prophet stopped before ascending to the heavens in the night of Miraj, is in the hands of the Zionists?

Palestine is a concern for every Muslim in the world. It is the biased media, both in East and West, that has done much harm to the Holy land by attaching it with Arab nationalism. And nationalism is a modern sickness of humanity.

The only approach that remains to be tried is a ‘spiritual approach’… not missiles and bombings. The Palestinians should RE-cultivate their loyalty to the words of Umar bin al Khattab (which he said on arriving in the Holy Land at the invitation of the Christian Bishop to receive the key of the city) : A’izzana Allahu bil Islam (Allah has honored us by Islam).

The Arab world has to RE-realize the historic reality told by Allama Iqbal,

Muhammad Arabi se hai Aalam-e-Arabi !

The Arab world is from Muhammad of Arabia.

The solution to this conflict lies not in the endless conferences. Nor in the endless khutba delivered from the mimbers. The people of the land has to realize their own worth first.

To quote Allama Iqbal again,

I know that in your being burns the fire,
Whose heat to this day the world remembers
Your balm lies not in London nor Geneva
The Jewish grasp is tight on Europe’s throat.
But nations throw off bondage, it is told
By cultivating selfhood and zest for living.

May Almighty bless the Holy Land with peace!

This essay was written on April 17 2001 in response to the Israeli government launching a massive attack on the Gaza strip and other territories killing innocent Palestinians.