– Jaihoon

“Silence is victory”,
Said Your Beloved

If so,

I wail silently
For his Love Heavenly

Each day flies as a feather lost in the wind
Unable to grab it from front or behind

Life is losing its real meaning
Over the leftovers is it dining

No fresh spark is coming from the heart
To serve the world is racing every form of art

We laugh pretending to be happy,
But in truth-
We are so sad with no tears to shed

Our only dream is to live like humans
Eat only when hungry
Smile only when heart is in joy
And show love only to those who deserve.

They say ‘tis must to struggle for the bread
But does it mean that the whole life in it be shred?

The goal of this system is to make man spend
It sweet-coats the debts seducing others to lend

The apostles of Interest do their creed openly preach
Never giving a chance for the layman to escape their catch

‘Consume, consume and consume’
They make greed in you fume

They steal your time and mind
And stab you laughing from behind

The air is polluted with emission of smoke
But worse are the ‘colorful waves’ to which eyes flock

Man is no more than an ‘asset’ in the corporate eyes
Like a table or machine, his value over time falls

Ah! I don’t point fingers at the Time
If any fault, I am to take the blame

All these misfortunes fell on us
Because from Mustafa we are at distance
Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

Had we shown loyalty to Chief of Madina
Enemies would not insult us as in Najaf and Basra

Bombs and missiles drop on our heads
Embargoes and sanctions halt our foods

Women are raped,
Man are stripped,
Children are orphaned
Families are shattered…


It is not fashion to talk of misery
Forbidden is everything except merry

Lord! All I ask is for a little calm
But not without Your Thought in me storm

“Silence is victory”,
Said Your Beloved

If so,

I wail silently
For his Love Heavenly

The clamor in the world may only get worse
But at least within may I find some peace

Your Beloved is the ultimate in Love
Suffice for me that his footsteps I follow

He is my haal and maqaam
He is my faqr and Ishq
He is my Miraaj and Sidrat
He is my Kawthar and Jannat

I wail silently
For His Love Heavenly.

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam!

June 22. Midnight.

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Weeks and months are racing one over the other and man remains as a dumb spectator to this passage. ‘Where is the time’? is the complaint of most of us. We have no control over the reins of time. And in such a situation, we are losing our creativity making us resort to imitation. We act as if we are happy, whereas we are robbed of the true emotions. The financial institutions and corporate giants foster hyper-spending, artificially creating, not serving, demand of the buyers. The agents of credit cards who promote overspending are playing all sorts of deceitful games to sell their products. The only escape from the worldly worries is the closeness to the teachings of Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. The enemies of faith gained an upper hand because of the believers’ detachment from him. They are subjected to all sorts of humiliation and torture due to the same reason.

The poet is begging Lord to grant him peace of mind, if not peace in the world.

point fingers at the Time : Based on a saying of Prophet, “Do not blame Time, for Time is God”