Iblis asked me in a dream
A question to me strange seem

Why in God do you believe?
How do you know exists He?

Where have you seen Him
When have you met Him

Hell and Zakhum
Bridge and Paradise

Malik and Ridwan
Salsabeel and Houris-

O Son of Adam!

You are blessed to think
Why accept you this myth

If more than me you are great
Give me a reason for your act”

For a moment I had no reply, Ah!
Were I to lose for the devil’s play?

I then recalled those lovely words
My sheikh with me did converse

I said it aloud, and
Of it I am proud

“I believe in the unseen
Not because I’ve seen

My heart on them is firm
Thanks to the words of Mim

Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

That I know there is a Rabb-
Said so the Chief of Yathrib

That Quran is His words
Since revealed through his lips

That Hur and Kawthar are there
Since told by the face shining as ‘Badr’

My logic and thoughts are of no use
If not his path I blindly choose

My intellect has no preference
His love when makes its presence

O Satan!

Leave me alone
Someone else you clown!

My blind faith is more supreme
Your logic is to be very lame”

O Mustafa!

The reply would be from Lord
When upon you came any vile word

While your life so noble and humble
Two worlds with your greatness would tremble

The wealth of earth and heavens
While spread for your command
The same pillow you shared
With your consort as you laid

Your praise and love
Are my health and wealth
The rest of delight I enjoy
Are fruits of that twin tree

The warmth of your thoughts
Keeps my soul alive

I can’t think to write of matters else
Under the sky or beyond but yours

O Beloved!

There is a love of another kind
When I talk of your love’s kind

There is a greatness of another kind
When I write of your greatness’ kind!

O Reader!

The Satan and the rest
Were in lines for jest

My heart was in haste
For its ecstasy to away cast

Now it has come to rest
And turned to state first.

It is with the love of this Beloved
These verses you happen to read!

My effort in this was zero
His love alone did I borrow

Sallallahu ala Muhammad Sallallahu alahi wa salam!