Love is an indivisible thing, be it related to earth or Heavens. True love is synonymous with Divine love. A lover craves for acceptance from his beloved for all his aspirations in life.

One night beside
My beloved I stood
To have my
‘Medinized’ poem read

Of my poem
I recited with zeal
Heart to heart
A pleasant feel

She listened
With silent passion
Her eyes
Shone with compassion

The stars above
Watched, for
Our state had
Above them reached

Angels surrounded
One by one
Wings spread,
One by one

Mysteries unfolded;
We, with love folded

Verse by verse
With love intense
My heart vent
Until the end

When I was done
To her did I turn

I begged
Her to speak
My poetic wine
How filled her cup

She said with a smile
It sure made her love feel

‘Like me, your readers
be Medinized
With His Beloved’s Love
Their souls be mesmerized’

Unable to rein
My joy over joy
I embraced her
To cry and cry

When recovered my voice
I said to her to in rejoice

‘My readers may
Like it or not
Of it I hardly bother, for
I aspire for another

I pray these lines
Be of liking to Mim
May they be recognized
As words truly ‘Medinized’

The limbs that moved
In prayer
While heart gone lost
In wander

On the Day
When taken my account
I pray
These lines taken to count’

That night
Ended Medinized
I in her, and
She in me merged

Angels parted us
In that state
To spread this tale
To the rest of the world

Sallallahu ala Muhammad Sallallahu alahi wa salam!

Aug 17, 2007