Last night when Tasbih
approached I
Asked she about the light
In my eye

“Your cheeks with love
Are red
In whose lap have you laid
Your head?

Light emanates
from your brow
What makes
such passion show?

In which pool
did you bathe
With which fairy
did you seat

As if stars
surround you
As if the angels
bound you

O Jaihoon!
with thy comrade
secret in me confide

I am no stranger
To your life, for
I was the sole hope
In your days of strife

I have laid bare before for you
My thoughts on ‘Merciful Him’

Remember the old days
Came you with a swollen face
And my Him-loving words
Put you in joyful daze

Tell me then-
What happened when?

I replied –

My heart lost
In state Medinized
Mustafa’s love
Had my soul amazed

The more I
Thought about him
The more I
Got closer to my soul

He makes
Me warm and calm
Melody keeps
Grazing in my heart’s farm

My pains
Find their balm
My joys
Aloof from every harm

Medinized love
Put me in ecstasy
Hours 70 or more
Be lost in my charm

Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
The secret of Creation
Worlds learned from him
The meaning of compassion

Oh! Time stood still
In wonder
Struck as if
With a thunder

As the Trader of Makkah
Passed through the skies and stars
Light was taken aback during that night
Another being could travel much fast

He is the height of perfection
Of man and jinn’s position

Humanity’s created
To have him imitated

O Tasbih!

If you think
My love has increased
‘Tis because I have
In him immersed

In his love
I get humanized
My mission in life
To become Medinized

How could I-
Be depressed in life?
A beloved like him
I have to endear in life

With all my failings,
Paradise I go on aspire
I believe in the compassion
Of a Medinized Savior

Were I to lose
All belongings in life
I shall continue to swim
Towards Mim’s Ark

I make not any claim (that)
None but me burnt in his flame
But his love leaves me no room
To think of others lost in Mim

Medina is the window
In this world and next
For the rays of His Mercy
To extinguish my sins

(26 Aug 07. At night before sleep. Thoughts inspired by incident of Mi’raj)


Madina – The city of Holy prophet

Tasbih – Lit Rosary. Here a spiritual friend/guide

Merciiful Him – God

medinized – A descriptive form of Mediana (self-coined by the poet)

get closer to my soul – ‘The prophet is closer to the believer than their own selves’ : Holy Quran

Hours 70 or more : Pure Consorts with “beautiful big and lustrous eyes” for the inmates of Paradise with whom desires are shared. (A controversial topic often misunderstood to be the glorification of sensual excess in the Islamic traditions)

Meaning of Compassion: one of the titles of Prophet is ‘mercy to all worlds’

Trader of Makkah : The Prophet was a trader by profession before receving revealation

Light was taken aback : Light is the fastest object known to Man. However, the Holy Prophet travelled faster than it during the night of Ascension covering the seven heavens and back in a single night.