Sheikh Ahmad Farrooqui, better known as Alif-i-Sani, also called Imam Rabbani lived at a time when Islam faced the greatest threat to its existence in India due to the irreligious practices of the Mughal Emperor Akbar who, with introduction of his “Deen-e-Ilahi”, had considerably weakened Islam, thus striking at the root of Islam.

In such an atmosphere was born Sheikh Ahmad who boldly faced the Emperor and his misguided associates, and restored Islam to its pristine glory. His fearless campaign against the irreligious practices introduced by Akbar set an example to the future generations of Muslims to fight against any encroachment on their great religion.

Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi Faroqui is Universally acclaimed as the Reformer of the second Millenium of the Hijra Era.

Oct 19, 2007