Every campus in the world has a library. This is the place where the students flock to for completing their notes and assignments, term papers and research projects.

But is library a mere resort for the bookworms? History opines otherwise. This was the place where the gospel of communism was revealed to its proponents.

Poets and thinkers have owed their best works to this silent valley. Many a scientists have silently screamed Eureka at this kingdom of books. Intellectuals find no other designation to spend their vacation than this empty hall with shelves all around.

So how does the present day youth tolerate the silent atmosphere of this world of books? From time immemorial, library has been ruled by the self-imposed constitution that begins with: SILENCE PLEASE.

History have bred revolutions whenever the right to expressing one’s self has been curbed. But library is a great exception in this regard. No one has raised voice against this silence. It is taken for granted that library is a SILENT ZONE.

Today’s library is not what it was 5 years ago. The NET CONNECTIVITY has become a necessity of every bookstore. Simply put, the world of books and the NET has merged into one another. Books remain books or else Amazon.com, the books superstore, would not have been a profitable business on the NET.

That being said, Jaihoon has concluded to remain a loyal visitor to library but not to spent too much time over there. SILENCE is not my kind of dish ! 🙂

May 25 2001