He was the rector of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama , Lucknow, and President of all India Muslim Personal Law Board and Nadwa darul Musannifeen. He is also a member of Muslim Majilis-e-Mushawarat. Outside the India, the Maulana is closely associated with the Madina University, the Islamic Center of Oxford University and Rabita Al Alam Al Islami as well as consulting Editor of Britain’s Journal of Islamic Studies. Maulana has also visited all Arab states and countries of Europe, Africa and the United States for the cause of Islam.

Maulana Ali Mian was a highly respected personality among all sections of the Indian society and has tremendously contributed to the efforts to maintain plural India’s secular and democratic character and to protect the rights of the minorities. His bold, principled and timely stand against efforts to make Vande Mathram and Saraswati Vandana in schools in certain parts of the country were a practical demonstration of his unwavering faith in Islam and his country’s secular credentials. It also highlighted his strong patriotism and and concerned efforts to protect the country from splitting along communal and religious lines.

In 1990, Maulana Ali Mian was conferred with Saudi Arabia’s prestigious King Faisal award in recognition of his services to Islam. He set an example when he donated the entire amount to Afghan Mujahideen and to two Islamic institutions of Makkah.

He passed away on 31 Dec 1999, 23rd Ramadan. His funeral prayer was performed all over the world, including Masjidul Harem.