Jaihoon’s thoughts & notes during Holy Quran commentary lectures by Simsarul Haq Hudawi
May 08 2009

Mountains would be leveled before the Day of Judgment would commence on the earth

Without faith, any amounts of good deeds are unacceptable by Allah.

Imam Qurtubi says it is bad to make effort to become fat as time spent for eating and drinking can otherwise be spent on worship of Allah

Najwa is for the believer and Hisab is for the non-believer.

Because of recitation of Durood, our Beloved Rasool (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) would appear near the Mizan (on which our deeds are weighed) and place a token which would increase the good deeds.

Whatever we do for pleasing the people, it will ultimately lead to our mockery. This is contrary to those did for the sake of Allah

According to a Hadith, whoever recites the verse, Fa man kana yarjoo… , he will have a light from Yemen till Hijaz and the angels would pray for him

Whoever recites the last two verses upon reaching the bed, then he would be able to get up on any hour he wishes to.