– Jaihoon

O the love of my soul
O the axis of my heart
O love of my love

You are my Reason
You are my emotion
You are my passion

Your love my ambition
Your feet my last station
Your ways my fashion

I believe in the mirror of love
Since your face appears in its glow

The meaning of my existence
For you I pledge my acceptance

Others realized my name
When I penned in your fame

Unable to write a word of love
Except when I think of you

My heart turns to a desert
But with the rain of your love

I turn to a hard stone
If in your love I don’t burn

If your love be in my purse
No fear have I of hell fierce.

sallallahu ala Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

Sep 04 2009
As I completed writing this poem, my friend who was on Umra called me with exctement from Madina. Subhanallah. May Allah accept.