It doesn’t take a philosopher to prove that helping others is a noble deed. Human society has formed, evolved and spread because X was always ready to support, guide and advice Y. Cooperation between friends and strangers is essential for the continuity of human race.

Unlike a financial transaction, ‘help’ is never attached a price-tag. Quoting a value would breach the entire definition of the word. The best and only reward for the one who offers it freely is their satisfaction of the heart. And such a reward is immeasurable.

‘Who’ is bound to help is also a matter of argument. Most definitely they are the ones who are capable of it. I cannot expect a beggar to help me with cash. It would be foolish to ask the blind to help me cross the road. A bed-ridden friend cannot accompany me to the woods.

Yet, there are some who defy the said argument. They go beyond their means to offer the non-tagged service called Help. For such, their inability is not an excuse not to help the ones who need it. They are double generous and accordingly their self satisfaction too would be times two, or even more.

This is no futile talk. I can bet on the above since a few weeks back I had come across such a realistic episode. I was on a trip in countryside Kerala heading towards a saintly scholar’s residence. There were more crossroads than straight ones. So I had zetetic meetings with every bystander on the way. At one point, I stopped to ask a smart looking shopkeeper, apparently healthy and fit. I asked for the route and he stared to stare at empty space. When I repeated my question, he made an incoherent sound to his colleague and replied to me in sign language.

I felt really embarrassed, I couldn’t even utter thank you for his tag-less help. He cared to tell me the way in a condition he didn’t need to care at all. And he knew well I had no gold and silver to offer him in return.

His generosity watered the dry fields of my thoughts. This piece is scented with gratitude for that kind soul, whoever he was, whatever his faith.

For the mute bystander with the fluent heart, thank you!