When knowledge of man about God is correct and he finds all the favors, small and great having flowed from Him on his outward as well on his inward and finds the Lord of benevolence more noble, more worthy and more glorious than any of the creatures in glory and nobility then that all cannot be valued and compared with the amount of love coupled with veneration and humbleness which man bears for Him.

The point in it is, that man, nay almost all the animals, are created upon love for the benefactor, answerable to Him for the amenities of life. Have you not seen that the hunter hunts the hearts of beasts through flow of favors upon them? Have you not seen how a man of perfect constitution loves his benefactor to an extent that it becomes easy for him to die, lose his property and comforts of life when there is an apprehension of the humiliation and of the death of his benefactor?

Had it not been like that, no helper would have stood up to help others. When he devotes himself to this love and the love turns into a state of mind, it involves his entire body, penetrates into his veins and moves with the flowing blood in his body, and it is not a thing to be admired by a consideration alone. Nay, it is not so.

To consider only critically is deviation from the right course, it is an inversion of what man was created upon. Man is created on the state of love and not on a scientific form of love.