Around 20 years ago, on a Friday (Ramadan 22 – Dec 31 1999), while reading the Holy Quran and preparing to attend the Juma prayer, Sayyid Abul Hasan Ali Hasani Nadwi, the renowned luminary of Islamic scholarship, answered the call of his Lord. His countless admirers across the world were left devastated by his demise. As someone who grew up reading his profound books on Islamic history, I was shattered by his irreplaceable loss. His works had personally helped me to reconcile the chaotic world of spiritual and intellectual reformation in Islam. Let us pray for this intellectual giant of Islam whose sincere love for the Holy Prophet continue to inspire countless hearts and minds even today.

There is a Wise One whom I dearly hold
Who saved me from the confusing cold

Loved alike by young and old
His words helped to Ummah mould

Honors and titles came in his search
His heart on them but never perched

For all my thoughts is he my gate
The Blessed Tree whose fruits I ate

Ah! Jaihoon really is much unfortunate
To sit in that presence was not his fate

What can I do now to convey my love
In whom flowed the Hijazi-blood

He departed in the last Ten of Ramadan
When upon the believers is the Hell-ban

With Him you have, my Comrade,
Greater than mine a noble grade!

May I make for him a simple plea:
Celebrate him in your sincere dua


Hijazi blood flow: Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi’s lineage belonged to the blessed Ahl Bait, the descendants of Hazrat Fatimah (ra)

Posted Saturday, March 08, 2003.