There were still two stumbling blocks in attempting a biography of the Mujaddid. The first was that no biographical sketch could be considered complete or satisfactory without a critical assessment of Unity of Being and Unity of Manifestation. The other difficulty was the abundant literature already existing on the subject which left no new ground to be broken nor allowed addition of one more work to it.

…In regard to my first problem I decided after fully weighing the pros and cons of the matter that the Mujaddid’s concepts could be best presented with the help of his own writings and the exposition of his ideas by recognized authorities and scholars belonging to his school of thought.

The way out to my second difficulty was shown by a couplet of Poet of East which has also found confirmation from my own experience as a writer. The verses by Iqbal could be so rendered :

Never think the cup bearer’s task has finished,
The Grape still has a thousand wines untouched.

Much has been written on the Mujaddid and his accomplishments, but there is room to write more and it will remain in future also.