The Syed Leadership at Mampuram

Just like the Makhdum Family, the Syeds at Mampuram also held the reign of the spiritual leadership of the Muslims of Malabar.

Syed Sheikh Jifri, a great scholar and writer, arrived at Calicut in 1159 accompanied by his scholarly father. They traveled across Malabar in order to spread Islam. The Samudiri king made arrangements for the accommodation of Syed Jifri and his family near the Kuttichira River in Calicut. A garden was also bestowed to them. As time went by, Syed Sheikh Jifri became the undisputed judge of Muslim Malabar.

Syed Sheikh Hasan Jifri

Very shortly, his brother Syed Sheikh Hasan Jifri arrived at Malabar via sea route. After a brief stay at Koilandi and Ponnani, he settled at Tirurangadi. Later he shifted to Mampuram, the south of Tirurangadi. The people of the place built a house and mosque for him. Syed Sheikh Hasan Jifri was the first Syed to settle at Mampuram.

The celebrated Mampuram Syed Alavi was the nephew of Sheikh Jifri and Syed Sheikh Hasan Jifri. He landed at Calicut on 1181 A.H and went to Mampuram accompanied by Syed Sheikh Jifri. Later he married the daughter of Syed Sheikh Hasan Jifri, Shareefa Fatimah Beewi.

Within a short span of time, Syed Alavi arose to be the undisputed spiritual leader of Malabar.

A champion of the Qadiriyya branch of Sufism, he was also a scholar of great repute and also a strong opponent of British invaders. The British were especially fearful of the Arab Syeds of Tirurangadi. The great freedom fighter and Sufi poet, Umar Qazi, was Syed Alavi’s disciple

Umar Qazi’s letter to Syed Alavi while in prison.

When Umar Qazi was imprisoned by the British for his stance on Non-Taxation, he wrote a letter in the form of a long poem to Syed Alavi, his spiritual master.

Only the first line has been given here.

After praising God, sending peace and blessings upon his Messenger
I am writing to my master and spiritual guide