Kerala, today, is the proud home of the ancient therapeutic system of Ayurveda. Some of the special treatments in vogue in Kerala like Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi, Dhara, etc, the curative effects of which are a wonder even to the great protagonists of the modern system of medicine, have contributed to add luster to Kerala’s fame and name. No wonder, patients from far off places come in large numbers, seeking the help of the Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala for cure of their ailments and maladies.

But a century ago, it was quite a different story. The very name ‘Ayurveda’ was looked down upon with contempt by people who were fascinated by the ‘wonders’ of Allopathic system, which had the patronage, and support of the Government of the land.

It was at this juncture that P.S. Varier of Kottakkal decided to venture on an experiment, the success of which, he hoped, would be a great boon to the poor people.

On 12th October 1902, Sri P.S. Varier made a very humble beginning for the manufacture and supply of Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of his patients at Kottakkal, in a small building, not far off from his ancestral house. And faith in God, intend on serving humanity, he put heart and soul in his work. While preparing medicines, he insisted on quality and purity.

Dr. P.K. Warrier, the youngest nephew of P.S. Varier, now leads the Arya Vaidya Shala, Kottakkal. He assumed the charge of Managing Trustee in 1953 after the tragic of death of his elder brother in an air crash. On February 23rd 1999, Dr. P.K. Warrier was awarded the “Padmashri” (the highest award for service by the Indian Government) by the President of India.