Jeetega Jeetega, ****** College Jeetega …

From the very beginning, it was with ‘two-minded mentality’ that I thought of going to watch the match. After all it was the duty of the spectators to cheer those on the field. And I was not sure of my cheering capacity.

In every game it is quite natural for one side to lose heart and other side to celebrate. And who takes which side- that is for us to wait and see.

The spectators at times put up a better show than the players- with dance, music, screaming and shouting. There are no hard and fast rules to judge ‘spectator etiquettes’… for there is no use trying to guess why a Nightingale loses its sense of right and wrong while in front of the Rose!

Jeetega Jeetega, ****** College Jeetega …

Cricket is a game where Lady Luck proudly shows off her beauty- any great player can become out with no runs at all. A novice player can score exceptionally well to the surprise of the commentators and spectators. And that is why perhaps why the game offers much scope for ‘undertable deals’ 🙂

Two kinds of rivalries take place during a game: one at the field and other at the seats. The players compete with each other using bat and ball. The spectators compete in cheering their favorite team. Slogans are called left and right. Bottles and cans are banged with all their might. And a few others watch both these categories with fun and scorn.

Since winter was almost here, not everyone got a chance to show off their accessories. While horse riding offers a chance to show off hats, cricket is about sun shades. At least this is how the media portrays it.

Jeetega Jeetega, ****** College Jeetega …

The clamor and clutter increased as time passed by. The sun was getting hotter. And the scoreboard too was increasing in digits. The excitement was doubling itself with the coming of further crowd. But the writer had to return back to college.

Little did it matter who won and who lost. But the poetic truth hold true forever: Victory is held sweet by the defeated team. Only they can describe the true joy of winning. Only the poor man will understand the real value of money. Only an old man will realize the joy of being young.

And the one who makes a mistake will alone know the real worth of repentance!

This essay was written after a visit to a inter college cricket match held at Sharjah cricket stadium.

Nov 11, 2001