O the light of my heart!

When you are gone…
Would you not return?

When you are no more in my sight
It seems the day is held captive by night
(yet I feel that) The grand sky above
In Blue and White
Is no match for your ‘FEARFUL’ heart

When you are gone, so are my sleep and rest
It is hard to judge,
(whether) I won or lost
When from the Heavens,
Comes this test (of patience).

When you are gone….
Would you not return?

Wound on wound, in utter pain my heart is bound
How terrible that a cure is nowhere found
When you are gone…

When you are gone
How eagerly Him I beseech
In a hope that a response
From Him will soon reach.

That is the lesson you did teach
(and that) ‘All your wailing will unto Him reach’.

Like a barren shell deserted on a beach
In this dark hour I am longing
For the Sun’s rays to hatch

When you are gone
I sat quietly on this bench
And my thirst for an answer I silently tried to quench-

‘All that has come
will finally be gone.
But in my heart is a question-

A Sun that is gone
Would it not return
On tomorrow’s morn?

Once you are gone, would you not return again…?

O the One to whom HIS FEAR is most dear!
Declare an end to this passive winter
The rain and snow have lost their splendor

For my eyes, awaken me from this deadly slumber
For my heart, the Cool Breeze you whisper!