Mujeeb Rahman, better known by his pen name, “Jaihoon”, is an evocative writer, who develops an intense friendship with the mighty God, and reflects a new hidden face of the today’s youth. He is a promising young poet, of whom, we Keralites can feel proud.

Jaihoon draws his inspiration from Allama Mohammed Iqbal, the renowned Indian poet-philosopher, whose life-enhancing poems are a real treasure for humanity. He weaves innovative perspective through his websites and has appeared on different satellite TV channels and radio shows. His poems pack quite a punch indeed.

Nasma,K, a final year BA Functional English undergraduate at Markaz Arts & Science College at Valanchery, Malappuram talks to him on his visit to the college. Excerpts from the interview.

Why did you select such a pen name as ‘Jaihoon’, a very rare name in writing poetry?

‘Jaihoon’ is the name of a river .I found inspiration in this name from the wonderful poetry of Allama Mohammed Iqbal. Rather than selecting a western name, I choose a beautiful Asian name, which has also the roots of Islamic culture.

Your poems reflect the mystical /spiritual element, rather than the appreciation of nature. What makes you to focus on this?

Every writer writes on what they think strongly about. Usually people are very much confined to natural beauty – plants, butterflies, mountains etc: and write about that. Certain poets are concerned more on serious political /social problems, inequalities, and discrimination etc: strictly speaking, I also write about all these issues, but whatever may be the topic, I create them with an element of God’s presence in it. If there is no role for God in our love, we may not be sincere.

Many of the post-modern writers say that there is no special rule in writing poetry. What is your view of modern way of writing poetry?

Yes. I also think like that, but as I said, I am not taking it like a professional. It is just my hobby, and I write what I feel right .Actually I don’t read much, especially poems .I believe that whatever we read, it will also influence our writings, either we will write like that our against that .Because of this, we cannot become original .But I am influenced by some poems .The fact is that I like to keep myself original and responsible, and not because other poems are less important for me

I have heard that your inspiration in this field is Allama Muhammad Iqbal. How his styles influence you?

I am very much influenced by the power of his poetry. When we read his poetry, we feel a lot of confidence .He talks about different personalities and sketches beyond race or anything. Everyone appreciates his poems, even the western people .Iqbal’s wonderful speeches are inspired by the countries, like France, Germany etc: Actually he never influences my writings. I get energy for writing from his enchanting poems .With that energy, I narrate my own experience.

You are a BBA graduate, and an expert in marketing and Web. Besides, you are a literal figure. How can you manage both this field?

BBA is merely professional. It is for earning bread, feeding my family, but poetry is very much personal or spiritual. I don’t believe in making money out of my poems. Poetry, for me, is like doing something good to somebody. I cannot charge anybody for giving me advice. I always make sure that I am writing for good purpose .So I can manage arts in my life, just spending time with my family.

Many of the critics say that “a writer’s style is always the expression of his personality”. Do you think so?

I think it should be. Each one’s writings reflect his personality. A wonderful example is Vaikam Muhammad Basheer, the evergreen writer in Malayalam .He is a very genuine writer. He talks about simple things, simple events, but he expresses the complex side of life by his own childhood memories, family life etc: are portrayed in very simple language, which is common to our culture. He didn’t make up things. That’s why I always appreciate his works.