The Alchemy of Affinity

Divine love peppered with romance.

Jaihoon’s latest book ‘The Alchemy of Affinity’ lavishly treats readers to a sumptuous feast in verse that leaves one and all panting for more. The book presents a bouquet of life-enhancing poems bursting with an abiding love for the divine and a consuming passion for the spiritual.

The poems are all variations on a theme of divine love peppered with splendid romance whose course does not always run smooth.Be that as it may, they try to breathe a fresh lease of life into the distressed modern man who finds himself at his wits’ end in a burning spiritual desert of his own making.

Pithily expressed, there is more to Jaihoon’s poetry than meets the eye. It seeks to go beyond the seen on a glorious pilgrimage to the hitherto unexplored frontiers of the unseen. This voyage of soul-searching and self- discovery is, of course, fraught with numerous perils, as the poet admits. But it is well worth the pain, for what lies in store is spiritual bliss, pure and simple.

Jaihoon is a promising young poet whose works have been translated into Malayalam and Arabic. His creative vigour finds expression not only on paper but online as well. This new anthology of his poetry makes compelling reading with an admirable style that freely strikes a chord with everyone who is in tryst with their own souls.


Everything in this world displays a degree of affinity to those appealing to its inner nature. It is considered completely natural for a nightingale to be attracted to the rose or for the bee towards the hive.

The feeling of kinship may be based on economic, social or political reasons. This collection is an attempt to explore and express the spiritual aspect of Affinity between Man and the
Divine, and between humans inspired by the love of Divine. I dedicate this humble collection to the lady saint Rabia Basri, whose life and words have always inspired me since my college days.

Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi
Year : 2010


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