Feb 09 2010

The Alchemy of Affinity, Jaihoon’s compilation of poems on Divine Love, was released at JNU campus by Navas Nizar, Asst Professor, at Delhi University College. This was his fifth work, following Egoptics (2002), Henna for the Heart (2003), The Cool Breeze From Hind (2006), and Medinized (2008). Jaihoon is the pen-name of Mujeeb Rahman, who hails from Kerala

In his speech during the function, Jaihoon enlightened the audience on the Divine element in the love between the creations of God.

‘When I met the world renowned scholar, Maulana Waheeduddin Khan, the other day in Delhi, and asked him to share his writing experiences, he admitted to me ‘I am only a seeker, not an author’. So in the same spirit of simplicity, I claim no authorship with this humble work. However this is an attempt to share the personal experiences which are unique to each individual. There are no perfect or imperfect experiences.’ added Jaihoon.

Nawaz Nizar, who has reached glorious academic heights in life despite challenged by blindness, was certain of the future of the budding author.

Zubair Hudawi welcomed the guests to the function.

In a separate event, the book was also displayed by Aqil Ahmed, the secretary of Ghalib Academy Delhi.