You are the hive
Beauty in you stored

You are sky
Mercy in your clouds

You are the Sun
Light from you radiates

You are the Rain
The joy of plants

You are the heart
In lovers you beat

You are the eye
For all of us to see

You are the life
For us to live

You are the hope
For sinners to cope

You are the dream
The fortune of our sleep

You are the prize
To win in our race

You are the Rose
This world your nightingale

You are the Nucleus
Lord commanded to orbit

You are the drink
For the lost and thirsty

You are the thread
To reach the Lord

You are the kite
Who soars over all saints

You are the flame
Angels the moth

You are the Beloved
Lord, your lover

You are my tears
Trickling in my joy

How can I even start
The thought of your love-stop

My veins are accustomed
With your ecstasy obsessed

In my blood is dissolved
Like-wine I have adored

Distance from your love
I become a beast, so-low

Closer to you I approach
Even Lord is in my reach

I am left with no choice
Only you make me rejoice

O Mustafa.
Your love is my nature
Without it have I no future

Moments without your praise
Is nothing short of an offence

Lack of actions
Weak on heart-
I know I tell a lie
When I say you I love

Yet I rather commit that sin
Than to hide my love

O Mustafa.
Your love is my nature
Without it have I no future

Sallahu alaihi wa sallam

Feb 23 2010 (Rabiul Awwal 09)