This poem is in response to the news of Serbia’s parliament passing a landmark resolution apologising for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre – Europe’s worst atrocity since World War II. The motion, approved by a narrow majority, says Serbia should have done more to prevent the tragedy. (BBC).
In year 2000, Pope John Paul II offered an unprecedented apology for the sins committed in the name of the church through the ages. (CNN)

They make us their enemies
Calling us unfriendly demons

They invent new names
To justify their lies

On screen and print
Our dignity taint

Strike upon us hard
Manned and unmanned
From air bombard

Graves are dug
Men are thrown

Chastity cries
Shame unveiled

When all’s done
Vulture’s fed
Guns empty

And then-
They say sorry
For all that’s awry
Committed in a hurry

No one gives an ear
When we are hit

But all drums roll
When killers repent

Time and again
Our blood shed in vain

Time and again
A joke is made of our pain

Time and again
They shoot and loot
And then pity our plight

March 31 2010