A poem written sitting in Masjid Al Nabawi to gift the Holy Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. It was later recited to him while saying salaam at Rawdha.)

I have come upto you

You are my mother
Who loved more than her

You are my father
Who cared more and more

You are my true home
Where my soul finds it warm

I have come upto you

You are my paradise
Where I want to rise

You are my knowledge
My intellect to you pledge

You are the storm
My heart the dust in it roam

I have come upto you

Though I have seen
To His House have I been

On the mounts have I ran
Like Ismail’s mother pain-lorn

You are the relief
In you my belief

I have come upto you

I accept hell and heaven
Whereto am I not certain

But all these I believed
Since you had them told

For me
You are most Real
The rest
Matters formal

I have come upto you

O beloved!
Where else would I go
Except to where I belong

Have a glance at me
Ah! I would die of joy

You are my two ends
In between a thing I call life

You are not just a person
But the Reality of His Creation

I am but a ray
In your love stray

I have come upto you

Since it is my duty
And my nature-
In my creature

Since I cannot love
Anyone more than
I have to you shown

Even my love for Him
Emanates from love of Mim

I have come upto you

The more I love
The more my thirst

My soul cries for its drink
Found nowhere except with you

To remain alive till death
Your presence is the remedy

I have come upto you-
Send me not back
Like a begger I seek

Be kind to me
O merciful mim

Reveal to me your love
Without,I am not worth

I have come upto you
A thousand reasons more
I can go on and on…

To justify my desire
To narrate my fire

Just for times one
Say you accept my love

Apr 11 2010