Day 02

Went in the metro to the World Book fair. The Hindi stall was prominent among others.

A separate International hall of all foreign languages was set aside. The Sharjah Book Fair too had its own stand.

Met with a library distributor firm manager. Originally from Kerala, he had been in Delhi for 35 years. In the course of discussion, he agreed to list Henna and Medinized in their website catalogue.

My own publisher Adam Publishers had brought in ‘The Cool Breeze from Hind’ for sale.

I bought the book, The Google Story, which was a best-seller at the show. The search giant was on its way to be the king of the IT industry

Also bought Iqbal-related books from Pakistan Iqbal Academy. They had rare collections on the great Poet-Philosopher.

Left for the get together in JNU hostel. My friend, a research fellow in the institution, received us. Met with his roommates, some of whom taught in the Jamia Millia and Humdard while working on PhD. Others were authors of historical works, including a book on sayyid Mampuram Alavi Thangal, the great Sufi saint and anti-colonial leader in Kerala.

Around 15+ youths had gathered there, as part of their group book discussion, to discuss a book by Sayid Hossein Nasr on Islamic reform movements.

After participating in the discussion, returned to the guest house at 8pm. Then moved to the streets for having dinner.

A procession of some man-god was on the move. Drums and screams; dance and songs were widespread on the streets. In the name of spirituality, the devotees were polluting the heart & atmosphere, rather than purifying.

Ate paav bhaji and ice-cream at different places

posted 19 Apr 10