Dr Wasim Ahmad
Department Head of Islamic Studies
Preston University Ajman

Have always been wondering why we wait for a leader to arrive and do the job. It has been intriguing me for a very long time. But then I feel that this is one of the beautiful excuses for non-performance. Why should we perform when the leader is not there?

There is no problem with this awaiting on the face of it. But there is a very big problem if we try to dig deeper. To me, this awaiting is a huge psychological barrier. It is a check against ourselves and our potentialities. It has told heavily on individual initiatives. It has hindered the unleashing of the human capacities.

My village got electricity about a couple of years ago. For many decades (in fact we cannot count the years) they have been waiting for electricity. It occurred to me that during this period they could have (re)discovered electricity (or an alternative source of energy) if they really wanted. But they did not. Because there were many excuses. This is symbolic of what is happening with the issue of leaders in our community.

There is a paradox, too. We lament that there is no leader. On the other hand there are plenty of them and plenty of parties / organizations. Then why do we say that there are no leaders? Please enlighten me on this. Let us also try to find out what will a leader do – whenever he arrives. I would be most grateful to know about the specific things expected from him. But then we do not need to ask these questions. Because if we ask these question we may ourselves reach to some answers. And if we can reach to the answers ourselves then it will indicate that we have been waiting in vain.