This is an age where there are many struggles for the equality of women. Seminars, books, talk show demonstrations…what else not is used in propagation of the feminist agenda. And in this process, the apostles of feminism don’t waste any chance in painting Islam as a backward and discriminatory religion. Hijab is labeled as ‘an arrest on the creative freedom of the individual’.

Are they blind to the fact that each year millions of pilgrims from the nook and comers of world are following the footsteps of a lady as a part of their worship? A lady! A Hajrah!! We Muslims are well acquainted with the story of Hajrah and Ismael (as). How Hajrah had run in between Safa and Marwa, praying anxiously to God for help. Zamzam! Which pilgrim in Makkah can drink it without gratitude to Hajrah- her Patience, perseverance…? Sometimes a tear sprinkling from the bottom than a bleeding heart proves to be more efficient that piles of gold and silver.

Who was the first to believe in the message of Prophet while the whole world ignored him. It was a lady! A Khadhijah Al Kubra (ral). Again none had the life time opportunity to calm the Prophet during his trials and troubles than Khadhijah AI-Kubra (ral).

Bravery, self sacrifice and heroism are no monopoly of men. Islamic history was alive to the above fact in number of women around the world. Asma bint Abu Bakr(ral) was one of such marvelous women that Islam produced. She was lucky indeed to be daughter of Abu Bakr (ral), sister of Prophet’ s wife and the mother of Abdullah bin Zubair (ral) the brave martyr. I suppose that not every mother can whisper to her son as she did “Proceed to wear the immortal garment of martyrdom. Proceed to gain Allah’s pleasure. Proceed! We shall meet in Heaven!” She was again the lady who practically demonstrated the general notion that “Women are no place to confide a secret” as a mere superstition.

Dr. Allama Iqbal testifies to the above fact in the following words: I went to Italy and came across a gentleman called Prince Caeteni who was fond of Islamic history. I asked him why he was interested in it, he replied “Islam turned women to men” (i.e. – Islamic faith instilled great faith and enthusiasm in the hearts of its womenfolk that they became equal to men).

Let’s examine history again in depth. Who was the first to acclaim the crown of martyrdom in Islam? A lady! A Sumayya (ral). A slave girl who died of tortures inflicted by Abu Jahl.

What about intelligentsia? Where could she find a genius like Ayesha Siddiqa (ral) brilliant as ever who supplied a treasure of knowledge for the coming generations? – She transmitted a wholesome figure of2220 hadiths. Prominent Companions of Prophet consulted her for her opinion on various important legal and political matters- A miracle indeed! All this happened in the so-called male dominated Islamic society.

Muslims have been blessed with many Sufi Saints throughout the ages. Rabia of Baghdad was one such whose cup of heart was over flowing with divine love- She witnessed the beauty and expansiveness of the celestial world through the window of her soul.

“Which person among all is best entitled to kind treatment and the good companionship from me? ” asked a man- “Your Mother” the Prophet replied- “And then Who? “Your mother” And then “Your mother” (Bukhari & Muslim). Noone in in the world had stated as the beloved Son of Amina did, “Paradise lies at the feet of the mother.”

What on earth does all this mean? The Unlettered Prophet of Arabia proclaimed all these inspiring words, while the intellectuals of

France were keenly discussing if a women could be truly considered a human being or not even until the late 16th century.

Celebrities labor day and night to contain greatness for themselves- But who dare compete with Fatima Az-Zahra Batool in greatness? Daughter of the Prophet ; beloved wife of Ali the Lion of Allah(ral); mother of Hasan and Hussein (ral) And to sum it of all, the fortune of leading the ladies to Paradise.

It is in Islam, that the female ego finds its perfection- She is the mentor of the future generations. She is an important constituent of this universe, born to calm the tumult of the world. Without her, the earth, with all its beauty would be colorless and meaningless- A poet has expressed about this Miracle as follows:

Color in the portrait of universe is from Woman

From her warmth the inner warmth of life

In glory her dust is greater than stars

Each glory is the hidden pearl of her shell..