– Jaihoon

Two of them met on a train
Truly they were both in pain

Each blamed the other’s men
A sheep they were in his den

Said the urban-

“You have no shame
Before men you are lame

Your are so shy-
Even when you die

Of Books you have no know
Unaware of Technology’s how

Your rights like cattle-d
Your dreams like throttled

You are the dust under his feet
You depend on him to even eat

You have nothing to call your own
Not penny nor children you grown

Whole life you are suppressed
The dough for society to be pressed

Your face dark with smoke
With no rest you choke

Even the angels on you pity
Are you the daughters of same Eve?”

Replied the Rural

“We are the same eyes
Fixed on life’s face

You too suffer under the system
You are slaves of his kingdom

Your are given rights
Only to turn wheel of his fortune

The burden of bread was his duty
He fooled you giving it as your priority

You race him in the office, and
Forgot your God-given place

For his pleasure of horse and car
Your beauty is shown to all bare

Your have command over your food, but-
Your family’s reins in others’ hand

Like him, with strangers you indulge
Of love and joy your heart you emulge

Your man is day by day distant
You cannot hold him by a second

To pay bills is your sole concern
No shame to delay life’s many fun

You change your self
To be placed on his shelf

While I suffer under my own man
You take orders from other men

My sister! We are created by the Lord fair
But we are dealt everywhere unfair

May Lord open men’s eyes to our plight
And give meaning to our lives aright”

May 12 2010