Meeting with an educationist.

At times in life a single ‘spark’ is suffice to remind oneself about the fire of the past. And the Lovers are not exaggerating when they sing that the dust left on the tracks of his Beloved’s path is enough to cherish her memories.

The meeting with this media-shy ‘educationist’ brought afresh the evergreen surroundings of the educational institution I had visited for unfolding the dimensions of MeraWatan. The river flowing beneath the bridge where a boat was laboriously driven by the rider. The green green trees trembling with cold under the heavy heavy rains. And a Cool Breeze blowing after the heavy rains were over…

And the students clad in Kurta and Pajamas walking across the rainy grounds to have their noon prayers said!

This was an year back. Many many months back…

The renowned educational institution boasts of students from seven states which seems to modestly represent the North, South, East and West of the Gulistan.

But much more than the ‘weight and height’ of the institution, its libraries or laboratories, it was the academic culture that enticed me on my visit. Situated in an exotic location, the academy has made Urdu language very fluent and a must in classes.

However there are students from North India, due to the nature of their upbringing, who long to go back home leaving the studies. Some of them (from an agricultural background) return to their states at the time of harvest.

Otherwise there is no problem for such students. They mingle freely with their fellow students in South since Urdu has bound their hearts in a way as sweet as the language itself.

The educationist whom I met has authored two books in Arabic- Fiqh Al Atfal and Kitab Al Akhlaq- both aimed at the young students. The latter is taught as a text book in this academy. Besides he has also translated and interpreted Al Adab Al Mufrad; a concise version of Mukhthasar Riyadhus Saliheen with additional footnotes.

He laments the absence of moral standard in today’s secular education and hopes to revive the society by educating the children

As a die-hard enthusiastic of the Cool Breeze blowing from Hind to Hijaz, what excited my vein of thought was his mention of the ‘Zahrawiyya’ graduates. Zahrawiyya was the title given to female graduates of the neighboring institution named after the legendary daughter of the Holy Prophet, Fatimah Zahra. For me, at least, it seemed that little Hindi Zahras were being molded in the model of the Grand Hijazi Zahra.

My heart was glad.

In joy I was clad…

But my heart is very keen

To see such ‘Zahras’ moving

on the fields that are green

Shaping the generation that is coming

Like Al Zahra grew Hassan and Hussien.

But that is to be seen

Since only that shall happen

What Allah has willed to happen.

Meeting with Dr. Bahaudhin Kooriyad, the vice principal of Darul Huda Islamic academy
Dec 5, 2001