This poem by Jaihoon is based on the question of existence of God and explained in a note of Allama Iqbal found in the collection Stray Reflections. The note is as follows: For centuries Eastern heart and intellect have been absorbed in the question – Does God exist? I propose to raise a new question – new, that is to say, for the East – Does man exist?

Life is filled with questions
Man is hunting for answers

Once enquired to Allama in a dream
About a question I had about Merciful Him

‘How can we about Him prove
When asked what proof we have

Came the reply,

“In the worn out world
The question is on God

The ones who raise
Fail to see own face

Unaware what his doubts mean
Himself unsure what he needs

Centuries have been lost
Precious lives been lost

The same old doubt
Same story, same plot

I suggest a thing better
To free from the foolish fetter

Does God exist, they ask
Does Man exist, I ask”

For skeptics had I got now a new card
To offer when asked the question hard

When Man discovers his own
God’s existence he shall affirm

May 15 2010