– Jaihoon

There is a growing tendency among believers of today to get excited when Science confirms a fact earlier established by Quran. Fine. But the enthusiastic ones should realize that the sources of both are entirely different as wide as, literally speaking, heaven and heart.

One is wholly revealed to Man from an external cosmic source which is neither empirical nor meditative in nature. Scientific truths, as any other human enterprise, are the result of human experiments and intellectual endeavors. Quran, however, is not the ‘eureka’ of any human being, not even angels.

The finality of Quran is its very practicality for all times and places. It just cannot be changed or improved upon simply because of its Ultimate Source. Scientific discoveries are not eternal. With the evolution of human mind, advancement of technology and as new experiences unfold, scientific truths become relative facts. This is clear from the changing theories of different branches of knowledge including astronomy and geography.

Quran was revealed for the humanity as its audience. Its style and contents are free of temporal aspects unlike the findings of Man. Scientific discoveries were a result of the social or political landscape in which the thinkers lived. Certain necessities led to its required discoveries. Quran is the eternal requirement for humanity.

The purpose of Quranic verses are to elevate the moral spirit in man and thereby influence his actions for the betterment of humanity. Science has no such commitment to preserve the moral fabric of its audience.

These being some of the differences between the two sources, how could believers get enchanted with the spell of Science when it confirms the eternal truths of Quran? Science is simply a methodology to understand the working of God’s Laws in this cosmos. Quran is the very Law itself! Then how can one use science to measure the credibility of Quran? Science is an exciting tool for man to advance himself in this universe. But it is just a drop in the ocean of Quran.

Scientific facts are ‘eureka’ moments of man, uttered in modes influenced by time and space. Quran is the spoken Word of God, revealed to His Beloved. Allah, His Word and Prophet are the eternal guidance for humanity of all times. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

May 17 2010

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