– Jaihoon

O Tasbih!
It has been long
Like it has been ever

You have not appeared
Not in my dream
Not for a second

I am at loss
Living in life false
To death am I close

I am in wait
For your kind to meet
To stand on own feet

I am scared
From myself I hide
To none can I confide

O Tasbih
Take all my virtues
Give me your faults

Chant those spells again
Of your ‘Merciful Him’
Proclaim to me again

Till today I haven’t heard
Words as sweet as you told
And my heart became bold

In your absence
I went under the ocean to hide
Into Philosophy, poetry I dived

O Tasbih!
Spring has not arrived since then
The moment you vanished when

I have run out of ways
To seek your serene face
To have a single glance

O Tasbih
Even as you curse
Till death I will praise

May 18 2010