When my heart is in the ecstacy of joy
When from pain my heart in silence cry

When I have the sweetest of candy
When my stomach empty and hungry

When I listen to the melodoius notes
When I hear the saddest of all news

When I achieve succes till skies
When I fail to reach my dreams

I think of you more and more
You become dear all the more

Your love alone is true
Of the rest have I no clue

Since a child have I loved you
Till now I can still dear hold you

Your love does not part
It remains as from the start

All else have bid me the cruel bye
The moment I held them closeby

Your love alone is destined
For me nothing else has survived

Your love alone in me grows
My heart no other crop knows

You are the mirror to see my face
Spoilt by the marks of the tech race

You are the Dictionary to learn
To look up what my life mean

You are the syntax and synonym of love
Oh! The meaning and metaphor of love

O Beloved of Lord
In the times past and present
Even in future your glory to ascend

Your love the Perfume for my soul,
Your thoughts the kohl for my eyes

I become the talk of heaven and earth
When I seat you in the throne of my heart

Yea! Like Solomon I fly in the skies
Like Moses, I walk through the seas

The thread of my heart
Tied to your love is its knot

On your love I rely till death
From your love I seek after death

Your love alone is destined
For me nothing else has survived

The above poem is addressed to the Holy Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

May 21 2010