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O Lover! Why be the Convict and Victim too?

O Lover! Why be the Convict and Victim too?

O lover!
Why drink this poison
Why die in this arson

Why yearn for this pain
Why jump before this train

Why lose sleep
Why fall this steep

Why dig your grave
Why be so foolishly brave

Why wander in thought
Why be of the mad lot

Why be the convict
And be the victim too

Why for the beloved bear this insult
With Reason you did ever consult?

Love is a violent hook
Tears heart’s every nook

It is the bait of death
Of his peace and health

Love is that silent pain
Tears for which flow as rain

Love is the bow
And the arrow

Love is deep
And even shallow

Love is the king
But can even poverty bring

The greater you love
The more pain you have

Your beloved will wish for
This fire to burn you more

She will take on you no pity
She wants on you this calamity

O lover!
Why be the convict
And be the victim too!

May 22 2010



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