Last night as I lay to sleep
A complaint in me began to reap

I grieved to Him my pain
Confident it won’t be in vain

“You are the King of Kings
We call you Lord of Worlds

Sun and Moon in your command
Man and jinn before you stand

Good and bad wait for your ‘Kun’
Not a leaf moves without hearing ‘Fa Yakun’

You chose the beloved Mim
And called him Al Habeeb

Then why allow this blot-
Upon your Beloved they plot

You have protected your Book
Is Your Beloved to be down looked?

We can’t stand his name stained
Equals our own souls shamed”

Came the voice to my heart-
I smiled at knowing this secret

Have you not read in my verse
Raise shall I My Beloved’s praise

His name shall every atom know
Each grain of time through him flow

This is My pledge
None can dodge

Let them speak good or bad-
But he is being everywhere heard

Bu Jahl and Lahab in past did the same
But not a speck of dust upon Mim came
The ignorant say sword spread his name
Nay, every pen created will write his name

He is no more the ‘was’
His reality now an ‘is’

He will become the most popular
Humanity shall by him be so familiar

Children will grow hearing his name
The old will die knowing his name

The seas will roar in his praise
The rivers will flow in his love

This world of yours is of no worth
My Beloved: why I made this earth

Leave his name alone
Its protection is duty Mine

Mim is My Beloved
His name is My business”

Assured by Him
I slept in peace

It is out of His blessing
Jaihoon unveiled this secret

The greatness is of the Treasure
Not of the ones who it discover

Sallallahu ala Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
May 24 2010

The trend of insulting Islam and abusing its religious symbols and personalities is on the rise, but that has not stopped the growth of the faith, even in the host countries. The apparent loss of Islam is only a part of the larger master plan of Allah for the faith of Islam.

A group had set up a page on the popular social networking site Facebook, which called on its users to draw images of Prophet Mohammad. This move had provoked believers worldwide including online campaigns against the caricature competition. Earlier newspapers in certain parts of Europe had printed cartoons depicting the Prophet’s personality.

While such hate-arts are successful in provoking Muslims, the forces behind such conspiracies forget that they are only creating more awareness on Holy Prophet among their own public and thereby leading to more conversions to the Islamic faith.

In this poem, the poet is assured that the Holy Prophet is the beloved of Allah and HE has taken upon Himself to protect and spread the name and praise of His Beloved.