On the pathway of Life met
Strangers two who alike felt

Never before had they seen
To know each other they’re keen

Said Love,

In the lover’s heart do I blossom
I am treasured in the beloved’s bosom

I make Majnun dance
I am the ring on Leila’s hands

I convince Farhad to dig the rocks
I lure Shirin out of her palace doors

Friends spend on my behalf
For hours they rejoice and laugh

Tell me about your tale
From where do you hail?

Why do we look similar
As I see you in my mirror?

Replied Pain

Ah! I am that sigh
At my hands all cry

I bring tears in the lover
I make beloved to shiver

Majnun suffers and hides his face
Leila loses her dreams in to haze

I kill the pride of Farhad
Shirin ends the life she had

Friends curse their own hearts
I am the fire when the dear parts”

Said love

If I am the seed at the start
You are the harvest in the end

We grow in the same land
I the profit, you the loss

Lovers cannot eat me alone
They can have us only as twin”

O lovers!
Jaihoon has said nothing new
This truth but is known to few

june 01 2010

Inspired from the talk of my son. Farhad, Shirin and Majnun,Leila are characters from romantic epics of the past