[by sister ‘Ummi’. Posted with special permission]

[In an age when we calculate the profit and loss for every action we take, for every word we utter, for every emotion we feel… a mother of two children shares the love towards her children, ingrained in her heart by the Most Merciful, without giving a second thought whether she gets anything back in return…Perhaps it is no wonder that the Holy Prophet has rightfully said, “Paradise lies under the feet of the Mothers”. – Jaihoon ]

“I had to spend 16 hours in labor when I was delivering my 1st child. My contractions, according to the good doctor “were hard and close”.

Alhamdulillah, I did not once shout or yell or scream. I was busy reciting du’as and surahs and asking forgiveness from my husband whose fingers were nearly broken by my grip.

My elder child is 6 1/2 years old and even at this tender age he has unwittingly caused a few twinges of pain in my heart. Like the time when he was cross and tired after a football game and he refused to be hugged by me in front of his cousins ‘cos he was embarrassed.
Like the time he sulked because I won’t buy him a gameboy and he muttered that I don’t love him anymore.

Like the time I toiled over stove cooking his favorite dish and he ate only few spoonfuls ‘cos the one at the food stall tasted better.

The list goes on. Still, the love I bear him remains true and strong since the first time I heard his first heartbeat till now.

The same goes for my daughter. She will always be the most beautiful lil girl in the whole wide world. And I, I will always be their mother, even if I don’t cook chicken rice as good as the one they like. Even if I refuse to buy them games and even if I insist on hugging them in public. The mother who went with zero sleep when either one fall sick. The mother who keeps her heartbreak hidden at every parting so that her children do not share her sorrows. The mother who willingly walk over broken glasses carrying her infants so that they are safe from harm. The mother who risked her life to bring them into this world and who will ensure that they live those lives to the fullest.

And the father? They understand and appreciate the need to support the mother and listen to her heart even if they think its grumble.”

Posted : Nov 22 2007