Dr Wasim Ahmad
Department Head of Islamic Studies
Preston University Ajman

The other day I was discussing with my students about certain issues. They asked me what to do and how to take the things further. They said so as they wanted to do something. I told them to do what the candle does. What does the candle do? It brings light wherever it is. We almost always presume that the light needs to be brought somewhere else. The candle should lighten a(n unknown) place farther away.

Our undeclared motto is “you bring light in my mohalla and I bring it in yours”. Tried to figure out the reason behind it. And found out that, in fact, we are not (or not much) better than the rest of the human beings living in our own locality. Hence, we are not the role models for them and they won’t listen to us locally. We, therefore, choose an easy path. Go to a farther place where no one knows us and where most likely we haven’t dealt with anyone.

We are Mr Clean and Mr ‘Perfect’ for others. In our very own place we aren’t the same. Sometimes we are something [terribly] else. There is no short-cut, I assume – and increasingly I am becoming sure about it.

The methodology is becoming “Saadique & Ameen” in our very own “Makkah”. The methodology is either the long way. There is no or.