Only Sunah can save you from the Tsunamis of Life
June 24 2010 Bustanul Uloom, Valanchery

Today morning my son asked me who created the mosquitoes. When I told him it was Allah, then his next question slightly more complicated. “The why do they bite us?” I didn’t have a satisfactory answer to give him then.

The rain, which began since last night, had come to an abrupt end and the insects had started their vampire hunt. But the little one had another point to make. He believed in the Creator’s Compassionate and Merciful attributes and therefore didn’t understand the logic behind His creation of the insects which would cause him harm.

The mosquito is a member of the family of His creations. It is a part of the greater ecological balance which sustains the life forms on this planet. Mosquito bites may also serve as a check for our tolerance and also act as a mirror to our leeching on our fellow human beings.

The winged parasite is only one such trials we face in life. There are other forces around us which put our patience to test. Some even dare to assassinate our very identity. We face the crisis from abstract forces such as the media which creep into our peaceful homes to corrupt the members of the household. While the mosquito only sucks our blood, other forces in the society steal our soul and empty our hearts of any good. Financial institutions fire our greed and give us the promise of paradise on earth. Life is filled with such tsunamis which flood the coastland of our culture and convictions.

The asylum from such tsunamis lies in seeking refuge in the fort of Sunnah. We have to find all possible ways to embed this blessed life-system in our lives. It is not just in our appearances, but all our actions should be aligned to the movements of Beloved of Allah.

And not to forget that Knowledge is your personal property on which you have a better claim more than anyone else on the planet. And ‘Ilm’, as the Beloved called it, includes all domains of human thought such as Geography, History, Astronomy and all other sciences.

Remember, the Champion of the cause of human civilization also asked his companions to go as far as China to search for the sources of knowledge. It meant they travel as far as the Far East country for the sake of knowledge, even if they had to leave the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina

I wish you all the best for the creative activities for the new academic year.