Said the Rose,

For years I buried it
To reveal I never hurried it

I hid it on the farthest branch
Away even from my own reach

I saved it from the winds of Time
Like an ancient picture in a frame

But now out of my own fault
Opened I to you my heart’s vault

I moved the lid of my love dormant
To a bit of my yearning I gave vent

O the crazy of heart, note!
You have seen only a part

The secret of life
Is to be said only half

Leave a little untold, for
Truth’s too heavy for you to hold

O the Nightingale
Obsessed in my thoughts

How shall you know
The suffering of my dormant love?

This tale shall continue till the end
Whether you choose to part or befriend

Replied the Nightingale,

Let your love be not told
The whole of it you withhold

I sang not with the intent
To resurrect the dormant

I only want you to feel
From the worry and pain heal

To kindle in you new hope
To a joyful future you elope

O Rose dear!
Take me not to task
About my craze not ask

To confine my own heart
Is indeed a work so hard

Therefore, leave me and my song
My madness you know since long

Let me feast alone my pain
Be soaked in the tears-rain

Destiny for me didn’t have you written
Yet with your thoughts my heart is smitten

Not all that I sing is on my own
At times madness takes its toll

Therefore, leave me and my song
My madness you know since long

July 01 2010