Life is a walk through the woods, where-
Destiny sends dacoits to rob your goods

From the rear and the front
Calamities plenty you have to confront

You panic not
As touch me not

You numb not
As if you are naught

Let not destiny scare, rather
Into its eyes you stare

From the skies will come Mercy
Stay calm and not become crazy

Fight with the sword of purpose
Defend with the shield of patience

Cover your heart n the sheet of silk
Place your feet into the path of thorns

You be bold
For your heart is gold

Anything which has a start
Has to have an end in sight

Your troubles which began on a day
Has to conclude on another day

Consume that beautiful mix
Of sweet love and bitter sacrifice

Life’s trials will then bow
Wonder not why or how

Your way out is the same path
You treaded so far in the past

You be bold
For your heart is gold

Ah! Give up not till the end
Success till kiss your cheeks

July 06 2010