Highlights of the PMSA WAFY College Speech
July 8, 2010

On aspiring for the unreachable to achieve the reachable

We all have goals. They are Idealistic situations constructed by our minds we wish to attain. It could be prosperity under certain time-space proportion

What are your goals?

The message I wish to leave with you today is to set a goal almost like a dream. Something which is unreachable in your present situation. It should be high and sublime, it should look like a crazy dream.

1. Something you have never seen.

Allah has said paradise is your goal. Have you seen it?

2. Don’t be limited in your goals.

Problem is we think in our small settings. Think state level. National level. Asian. Global level. Why only earth? Think of outer space. Think of beyond man. Plants. Animals. Jinns. Angels. Think of God. Have your name proclaimed through out the universe.

3. Be practical in your strategies of achieving it

4. Don’t beg for discounts from Destiny. Even if your surroundings are unfavorable, do not shy away from your goals.

4. Acquire knowledge on a continuous basis for sharpening the goal and the means to achieve it

5. Meditate to stay focused on your goal

As Allama Iqbal aspired for the unreachable,

Ye jannat mubarak rahe zahidon ko
Ke mein aap ka samna chahtha hun

Bhari bazm mein raz ki baat kah di
Bada be-adab hun, saza chahta hun

May the pious be happy with this Paradise
Only to see your Countenance I desire

I have divulged the secret in the full assembly
I am very insolent, punishment I desire

Translation: By Dr. M.A.K. Khalil