Hghlights of the Markaz Arts & Science College Speech
July 8, 2010

What did you find annoying in todays trip to college?

If all these problems weren’t there, what other things you might find annoying?

So we conclude there will always be issues.

Do you recall anything good in your trip to college? So, we never appreciate good things

If you are born poor its not your fault. If you die poor its your fault

You should never say in life you didn’t know something.

You shouldn’t complain about the sir, school, fees for your poor performance. Don’t blame your parents for putting you in this college.

A problem is a problem only when you think it’s a problem

What you find as a problem, is an opportunity for others

That’s how great men and women were made

Be optimistic when you face a problem. And remember anything which starts has an end. So your problem also has an end.

We should appreciate the good things around, which is the best way to ignore a problem.

One day a lady saint in Baghdad who was in extreme love of God saw a man passing on the way with his forehead tied with a bandage. She asked him why he put on the bandage. He replied that he was suffering from headache.

“What is your age?” she asked.

He replied that he was thirty.

She asked, “Till today, how have you passed your life?”

He replied, “In perfect health”.

She said, “For thirty years the Lord kept you sound, and you did not fly any colors on your body to express your gratitude for His gift, so that people could ask you the reason for your joy and knowing of God’s blessings on you would have praised Him, but when for your own fault you have suffered from a little headache you have tied a bandage and go about exhibiting His harshness to you in making you suffer from headache. What a base act is yours!”

Acquire, Apply & Assist (Jaihoon’s speech at the same college in Oct 2009)