Highlights of speech at Islamic Center
Thalamunda – Edappal (Jaihoon’s maiden speech at hometown)
July 11 2010

Read in the name of Lord who Created you

Reading includes the inflow of information through various means and methods. It can be in the form of observation, thinking or listening.

I want to highlight the last two aspects.

You as youngsters should be ready to listen. Listen not just to VJs and Djs, sports commentators, political statements, but also others who can lead you to the name of God

Reading also involves thinking which the Holy Prophet was involved in when he received this revelation from Allah.

Thinking is the one of the hardest part at this age. But I assure you once you overcome your arrogance and pride; it will lead you to a more aggressive stage than you think.

Now, the verse ends with the word KHALQ which means creation. Allah could have used any other attribute of His here to describe himself. But He chose this for a reason.

Our life should not end merely with reading or learning alone. It should lead to creation as well. By creation I mean creative efforts with the learning or ‘reading’ you have acquired in our young age.

Life is a journey from Reading to God to Creativity. This should be your mission in life. This is the message I leave with you tonight.