Highlights of the speech at Hilltop School, Maravanchery
July 21 2010

We spend hours thinking about others. We judge how people look and behave with us. We waste our time in categorizing others good or bad. We pass comments on TV personalities. But where do these judgments take us? Do they carry forward our personality to a point higher in the growth graph?

If your natural answer is a no, then let me share a tip with you to elevate your personality from point X to Y, the second point being better than the first by at least a few centimeters.

My little friends! All of you before coming to school today would have looked in the mirror. You polished your face and arranged your dresses to look neat and tidy. But you should also look for some time into your own self. And ask yourself: Am I a melody or a malady to my friends and family?

You are a melody when your friends appreciate your help and think good of you. Your parents are proud of you. Your teachers feel happy for you. A melody is a beautiful arrangement of words which people love to repeat, especially when they are alone. When you become a melody, people think of you even when you are not present. When they hear your
name, they exclaim: yes, I know him or her. I was his or her friend.

But if you think you are a ‘malady’, that means you are a problem or a trouble for others. You are on the wrong side of the road. Your friends are scared to be called your friends. Your parents are not happy about you. Your teachers are upset with you.

The simplest way to success in life is you analyze which type of person you are. And then change to the right type of personality.

You should have the guts to evaluate your self and be confident when you do that. Don’t worry, no one is perfect. You can always improve your self. You don’t have to tell any one the result. You are the examiner. You are the candidate. You are the question. And you put the

So make it a practice to ask this question: Am I a melody or a malady?

I wish you all the best.