– by Jaihoon

Sumayyah Bint Khabbab (may Allah be pleased with her) was among the earliest to accept Islam. Abu Jahl tortured her by stabbing her in the private parts and she died as a result of that. She was the first martyr of Islam. She had a son named Ammar.

Despite the advancement of human civilization and systems of civil governance, the women do not enjoy the equality with men. Although the maternal obligations and domestic duties are most suited for women, unlike men, she never has a break from her duties. While working men have a weekend or annual vacation all for himself to enjoy, his female counterpart, working or not, are not relieved from her duties at home like child-rearing or preparation of food.

While such injustice may be a natural necessity for the progress of humanity, it does not mean that she would not be compensated for her sacrifices. The Creator, who has established justice and is most just, shall recompense her in full measure. The concept of Akhira is therefore a logical necessity to establish justice even for those who made sacrifices for the sake of balance in Allah’s world. This phenomenon is explained through the words of Umm Ammar, the mother of all martyrs in Islam, who suffered like no other men or women.

Last night in my sleep
A thought grew so deep

I thought about Her plight
She suffers for reasons not right

All Her life is this toil
Forever she in this coil

When appeared like a distant star
Asked I my question to Umm Ammar

O the mother of martyrs
Who withstood all fears

You endured the pain
Wounded when slain

The world has gone far
Yet her rights do men mar

Why is she in chains-
Like cattle she pains?

Her patience always put to test
Soiled are her hands with dust

As long as the clock ticks
As long as the sun sets

As long as the calendars turn
No end to her miseries burn

Why this historic imbalance?
Where’s Destiny’s vigilance?

Replied Umm Ammar,

“With the secrets of Time
Your age not reached prime

Lord has made this world
But justice not here served

He has kept a life after
There shall be our laughter

Since we toil for the men to rest
Our least be better than his best

Not a drop of our sweat shall be lost
With joy shall our cheeks be moist

In Him our trust
He is the Most Just
Therefore for this simple test
We shall not beat our chests”

Aug 09 2010